Blush Night Glow - Twin 'Bubble' Vented Dummy Pack I CMC Gold

Blush Night Glow - Twin 'Bubble' Vented Dummy Pack I CMC Gold

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The newest dummies to hit the market are here! Designed & Manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia.

CMC Gold dummies are an Australian owned brand & has been a two & a half year process from the first designs to testing to manufacturing. We can ensure that the dummies have been designed to not only look aesthetically pleasing but they've been engineered to be safe, practical & cater for all ages.

What is a vented teat? 

A vented teat is a teat that will allow the air to flow in and out.
As the baby sucks on the dummy the teat will flatten in their mouths.

Most dummies on the market have a vented teats including: BIBS, Frigg, Avent, Nuk etc.

Should water flow through your teat after steralising your dummy please follow instructions on your box & make sure you squeeze excess water out of your dummies before you give them to bub.

Dummies are perfect ways to comfort a child as opposed to creating a thumb sucking habit which is hard to rid. We recommend ensuring that your baby gets rid of the dummy by the end of age 2 to prevent jaw malfunction or teeth movement.

Night glow dummies come with a glow in the dark handle so it is easier for bub to identify when finding in their cot in the dark. 

Contains: 2 Dummies per pack (as per picture) - colours may vary slightly

Each dummy comes with it's own protective cap.

Replacement timeframe ⁃ Replace every 4-6 weeks

Sizing Guide:

Size 1 - Perfect for Newborn to six Months

Size 2 - 6 months +

Please note: due to hygienic reasons we aren't able to offer refunds on dummies

Steralising ⁃ Pop in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes.

Remove from the cup and allow to dry. Don't leave the dummy in the cup for longer than 5 minutes as it can cause the natural rubber teat to thin earlier than it should (this doesn't affect the use of the dummy). Do not boil the dummy on the stove. This will cause burn marks on the plastic (or melt it entirely). Keep out of direct sunlight & refer to inside of packaging for care instructions